Saturday, August 2, 2014

Garden Update 2014

I decided that it's time again for me to share with you our sanctuary. We've spent a lot of time this year in the garden and it has paid off. It's such a wonderful place. There's just something about a garden that soothes the soul, awakens the senses, and provides a feeling of tranquility like nothing else does. I hope you're ready for a WHOLE LOT of pictures.

Welcome to our garden!
View from our patio.
New this year you will see the drinking fountain which comes in super handy with thirsty boys!

Walking through our grape arbor you will notice this lovely new hibiscus flower.
One of my other favorite new additions this year.
Another angle of the grape arbor
Looking back towards the house
A row of tomatoes. We use a lot of carpet and black plastic to keep the weeds down.


Pole Beans and Cucumbers

Rows of Corn


Brussel Sprouts


Beautiful Squash Flower
The sunlight one beautiful spring morning in the garden
Beautiful flowers
Now entering through the bush arch into the orchard


Resting place...
And last but not least....I want to share our new pets. This year we got six baby chicks that we raised. Turns out one was a rooster so he had to go, but we found his replacement hen this week. AND...They just started laying eggs a few days ago. So much fun! 

"Golden" a few days old

A few weeks old

Almost full grown

It is quite possible that hugging a chicken might be the best therapy known to mankind

That concludes our garden tour. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Until next time, bye bye!

1 comment:

Sarah Dunster said...

Love. It gives me hope! Someday we can create a sanctuary for ourselves, too.

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