Winter dreams...planning...springtime comes...tiny plant them in the ground wondering why you're crazy enough to think they'll grow...soon little scrawny plants come up and you wonder whether they'll ever make it... months dutifully water and dutifully hope...plants grow bigger and wonder whether they will every produce food... more months pass...and finally the harvest comes...first a little bit...then a little bit more...then you start to wonder what in the world you were thinking planting so give to neighbors whether they want them or put them in bottles...and your family eats vegetables and fruits to their hearts content...

It's so interesting to me how I repeat this same cycle year in and year out, even after 7 years of growing our own garden I still go through the doubt, wondering whether it will ever be worth it...but it always is...and I love the process...every bit of it!

Gardening is such a great way to create a healthy family. There's the harvest of course, that's obvious - more food than you know what to do with...which forces you to come up with new ways to include it in your meals...which also forces you to eat healthier. But I'm talking about the process too...the work... the faith...and hope...that's all part of creating a healthy family.

Here's some "how to" tips for your next garden.

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