Saturday, January 21, 2012

Garden Plan and Seeds Ordered

I'm looking forward to springtime and time to plant...our garden! Here's our family garden plan for 2012!

And below are the Seeds I ordered from Stokes. Most of these varieties I have tried before and they are really good. I still have some seeds left over from last year that I'll be using this year...not many though because we had a mouse living in the basement and I found out that he created his nest right in my garden seeds! He ate a lot of them and destroyed many of the others so I have to start fresh with a lot of things... Yeah, I'm mad. 

To simplify this year, I'll be buying the tomato and pepper starts from our local greenhouse. I've grown them from seed in the past, but they take a lot of babysitting and counter space that I'd rather save for cooking! Remember, this garden plan is definitely in pencil so I can adjust varieties when it's time to plant.

Sunshine (Squash/buttercup)

Chippawa (corn)

Primo (Muskmelon/cantaloupe)
Green Salad Bowl M.I. (Lettuce/looseleaf)
Sweet Basil
Oregon Giant (Snow pea)
Jester II (corn)
Jack Of All Trades (Pumpkin/medium)
Comet (Radish)
Pinnacle (Squash Hybrid)
White Lady Hyb (Summer turnip)
Walla Walla (Onion/Spanish) 

Happy Gardening! Looking forward to spring!

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