Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Garden Update

It's so beautiful outside today that I thought it was a wonderful time to give you a garden tour. Not everything is in bloom, but this will give you something to compare with in a few months when it is! :)

Here's the new blackberry fence that we built last year. This is the first year that the long blackberry vines on the eastern trailing blackberry vine have survived the snow. They love being attached to the fence. We're hoping for a lot of berries!

Here's our spring garden spot. We moved it this year to the center of our garden in hopes that we can get a late crop of corn this year by planting it after the spring garden is through. We'll see if it works. This isn't much to look at yet, but I love the little green things popping through the earth. So exciting!


We've got lots of peas,


and we're trying beets this year

and I think this might be the rutabagas...not sure. I'm trying them for the first time too...Also planted in the spring garden is chard, carrots, radishes, lettuce, spinach, onions, and potatoes.

This is chard from last year's garden. It grows back the next year. And I picked some today for my first garden green smoothie! :)

Of course our most plentiful crop this time of year is dandelions...This is what the orchard ground looks like right now... 

Pear blossoms...make me happy. We planted 2 new fruit trees this year. One is a elephant hear plum to replace the one we lost last year. And then we planted another kind of plum for it's pollinator. We now have 14 fruit/nut trees on our property, but only 3 are mature. We also planted a new white concord grape vine.

This is another new face in our garden this year. We're trying to grow rhubarb. I planted it about 3 weeks ago and it looks like it's doing well. We've also started a new asparagus bed right next to the rhubarb. The nice thing about rhubarb and asparagus are that they are both perennial vegetables (not many of those exist). I haven't seen the asparagus yet though...so I'm hoping it's still alive.

Strawberry bed is doing great...

And don't forget the flowers this time of year. I love hyacinths

I've been working on transplanted these irises the last few years. It's surprisingly easy to do. In the fall I will finish transplanting these to fill in the gap. These will be beautiful in a few weeks.

And here's the last few tulips that the deer haven't seen yet....or they'd be gone. They were a gift to me by my husband who brought them back from Holland. So happy that I get to enjoy them this year. You can see where the deer got to them earlier in the season and munched down the leaves. I'm happy they've survived.

Beautiful ground cover...

That's it for the garden tour. Hope you enjoyed it. Have you planted anything yet? Happy Spring!

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cookinmom said...

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It may take a few years but will be easier as you go!

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