Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roma Strainer Review

My husband bought me a Roma Strainer for my birthday recently. I love it! Making applesauce is a breeze with this awesome kitchen gadget. It's not what I'd term a necessity, but for homemade applesauce or tomato sauce makers it is definitely a good investment. It's easy to use and speeds up the processing time by hours!

The only drawback I have with the strainer so far is that is has a lot of small parts that are hard to keep track of. Like this morning for instance, my husband was washing the dishes. When he ran the garbage disposal, there was this awful grinding noise. He quickly stopped it and looked inside. To his dismay, there was a small rubber gasket from the brand-new Roma Strainer he had bought me clogged in the disposal. When he pulled it out, it was all chewed up. Oh well, at least they make replacement parts!

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