Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Delicious Orange Rolls

I made these tonight. They turned out delicious! This is another recipe that isn't extremely healthy. It is healthier when you use whole grain flour, but it still has a lot of butter in it. So don't overuse it - it's great for holidays and special occasions!

Delicious Orange Rolls
2 C. water, microwaved for 2 min or until quite warm
1 C. sugar
6 eggs beaten
6 Tbsp. melted butter
2 tsp. salt
2 c. whole-grain flour (I used a combination of spelt, barley and brown rice)
2 T. gluten flour
2 T. instant yeast

Combine the above ingredients in Bosch mixer in order with the yeast on top of the flour. Mix and add white flour (or experiment with more whole-grain if you want - just add 1 T. gluten flour for every cup of whole grain flour you use).

Let rise one hour or until double. Roll out dough and spread with grated rind of 2 large oranges, 1 cup sugar and 12 Tbsp. softened butter (try with less butter if you want).

Cut dough in thirds and roll up like a cinnamon roll, sealing off the ends. Cut with floss. Let rise until double (about 1 hour) and bake 8 min at 425 F or until done. Makes about 50 rolls.

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