Friday, April 17, 2009

Learning, Learning, Learning...

We had a brunch party last week and I made whole-grain waffles. A friend brought their belgium flip waffle maker and WOW! I realized that I had no clue what a good waffle was before. Those were absolutely amazing! They were so light and fluffy - about twice the fluffiness of my waffle maker. The difference between my cheap waffle maker and the flip one were like night and day. So I guess you know what I want for Mother's Day! (j/k)

The other thing I've learned this last week is that I'm happy that I have the compact bosch mixer. I tried to use the large bosch mixer at my parents house to make this recipe and it just didn't work. It's just too small of a recipe - the dough just kind of stuck in the middle and didn't get mixed. So, for a small family the compact bosch is just perfect!

The nice thing about cooking is that you just keep on learning more things every time you try something new! Have a great day!

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