Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Foraging for Fruit

We don't have any mature fruit trees right now - we planted two peaches and a pear a few years ago, but they are not ready to bear fruit yet. We did leave one peach on one of the trees and we picked it a few weeks ago - it was really good. We are excited for a few more years when we'll get more off of it.

We love fruit and our kids love fruit so this time of year we try to forage for fruit that we can pick that people in our neighborhood aren't using. You'd be amazed at how much fruit goes to waste this time of year and most people are more than willing to let you take it off their hands if you just ask!

We've been busy canning applesauce this week and last. Some neighbors have an apple tree that is just spilling apples all over the side walk. C was walking by and wanted to pick one so we had him knock on the door and ask if he could. The lady said we could pick as many as we wanted - she doesn't use them very much. So we took her up on the idea and have been picking bags and bags of them to make into applesauce. It has been fun - the kids love to go pick the apples - we bring a bucket for C to stand on and J usually just picks them off the ground - lol. It makes me want my own apple tree too - so maybe this fall we'll plant one! :)

This is the busiest time of year for me with all of the canning! Still to come this week and next will be peaches (we usually buy them), pears (provided by another kind neighbor), salsa and tomatoes (that's right -they are finally coming on strong!). I may dry some of the apples as well - we love dried apples! Anyway, happy harvest to you all.


The Garden of Egan said...

It is fun to can. I love seeing those jars on my shelves. I bought some boneless, skinless chicken breasts and canned them too. Keep up the great job!

LeMira said...

I have my bushel of peaches sitting on the kitchen floor waiting to be canned!

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