Tuesday, October 27, 2009


A neighbor gave us some walnuts. We had an interesting experience with walnuts last year. You can read about it here and here. Anyway, we've learned our lesson and they are sitting down in our basement unhusked, where we will wait till they dry out to unhusk them (with gloves on of course). The other mistake we made last year was leaving them in boxes instead of spreading them flat. Several of them were moldy after being left in the boxes and unedible. So here's where they are now:And we still have lots of tomatoes - we've been eating lots of fresh tomato sauces lately. Here's a picture of them (sorry it's blurry):
Getting the walnuts reminded us that we want to plant an edible nut tree of some kind (any ideas?) and a few more fruit trees as well - probably a golden delicious apple, another pear (of some sort) and a peach or two. We have a deer problem where we live so we're thinking it will be better to plant them next spring - if we plant now the deer will probably eat them all winter, like they did the ones we planted 2 years ago. They are still alive - but 2 are in pretty bad shape (the peach and pear). The other peach was tall enough that the dear couldn't reach the upper branches - we've just kept it nice and tall (and we'll probably regret it!) but at least it keeps the dear from chomping it.

It's getting colder, winter's coming- - - I'm not much of a winter gal. I think the thing I love most about winter is that you get to dream of spring... :)

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The Garden of Egan said...

I with you on the dreaming of spring.
I'm solar powered and need lots of sun,
Your blog is one of my favorites!

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