Thursday, December 16, 2010

72-hr kit Rotation

Okay I know, I know it's been forever! Sorry to my readers. Life has gotten hectic. For example - I've had this on my to-do list for over a year and am finally getting to it - Rotating my 72-hr kits. When I opened them up I found that the last time I rotated them was 2-1/2 years ago. I had baby diapers for Jesse bear and baby food and baby clothes! Yikes! Anyway, I hope I'm more on the ball for next time.

I just wanted to post my 72-hr kit meal ideas that I'm using. I did some of these last time and we just cooked up a bunch of them and most were still good after 2 1/2 years! Not great mind you, but edible and not gaggy (except a few - but none of the ones I'm listing here). I admit we fed most of them to the chickens, because it's not exactly something you WANT to eat, but if you have to, it's not bad. Anyway here's the menu:

Day 1

Breakfast - 2 instant Oatmeal packets (I tried some homemade kinds last time and we cooked them up and they were less than pleasing so I'm sticking with the store-bought this time).

Snack - Granola Bar (I like the hard ones cause they last a lot longer)

Lunch - Peanut Butter/Animal Crackers - I get the jiffy peanut butter little bowls. They work great!

Snack - Beef Jerky

Dinner - Chicken Ramen Soup
Chicken Ramen Noodles
Canned Chicken (or packages)

Combine Raman Noodles & Chicken cover with boiling water. Put in cozy for 5 to 10 mins

What's a cozy? See below!

Dessert -Chocolate Pudding

Day 2

Breakfast - 2 Instant Oatmeal packets

Snack - Granola Bar

Lunch - Peanut Butter/Animal Crackers

Snack - Almonds & dried Apricots

Dinner - Creamy Chicken With Rice

Day 3

Breakfast - Rice Pudding:
In a quart freezer bag put:
2/3 cup instant rice

In another quart freezer bag put:
¼ C. instant dry milk
½ pckg. Instant Vanilla Pudding Mix

Add 2/3 cup boiling water to rice, seal and put in a cozy for 10-15 minutes to firm. Add 2/3-3/4 C. Water to Vanilla Pudding bag and shake vigorously. Then combine contents of both bags. It can be a bit saucy, but it is good and soothing. Serves 2 as a desert, 1 for breakfast.

Snack - Granola Bar

Lunch - Dry Ramen Noodles (Mix the seasoning package with dry noodles - a good little snack!)

Snack - Almonds & Apricots

Dinner - Trail Spaghetti

I got most of the recipes from this site - it's a backpacking/camping site with great recipe ideas. I got the term "cozy" from them. You can buy one from the site or I just use a thick pocket hot pad and it works great. Happy 72-hr kitting to you!

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