Saturday, March 10, 2012

Favorite Children's Book: The Fourteen Bears

This book, The Fourteen Bears by Evelyn Scott, is like an old friend to me. You know the books that just remind you of your childhood and make you feel warm and cozy inside when you read them. This is one of those kind of books for me.

The story is about a daddy bear, a mother bear and twelve little bears that all lived in a forest. The each lived in separate hollow trees except little Theodore who lived with Mother and daddy bear in the largest hollow tree.

I think the thing I love most about the book are the illustrations. We would spend literally hours pouring over the illustrations in this book. We would point our our favorite bed, or our favorite hollow tree, which kind of honey we would want to try, etc. The illustrations are beautiful.

This is a very family oriented book, which is another reason I love it so much. The bears loved each other, they did fun things together, just like a real family does. The mother and father bear didn't worry about the fact that they were supposed to hibernate in the winter, their children wanted to see it so they bundled everyone up and had a wonderful time. The children each have their own personalities, the decorate their trees differently, they enjoy different activities, they like different kinds of flavored honey. This teaches children that family members don't all have to be the same. Difference is good and accepted in a healthy family. There are so many other great lessons taught in this book. I hope you and your children and grandchildren love it as much as we do!

A few years ago my mom was going through her old books and my sister saw this one and asked if she could have it. Then we all wanted it so my Mom ordered a copy for each of us. I love having this book in our home. It looks like the book may be out of print right now because it's selling for a LOT on Amazon. Try your library for it or you can search on ebay to see if you can find it. This book is a keeper for sure - a timeless, treasure of a book.

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