Saturday, March 24, 2012

Favorite Children's Book: Tilly Lays an Egg

Our family has loved this book "Tilly Lays an Egg" by Terry Golson. We have checked it out at the library many times in the last few years since we discovered it. Every time one of the kids see it, we add it to the bag. It's that kind of a book.
The book is full of beautiful photos of real hens and a real farmhouse. In each picture Tillie has laid an egg in some silly place. The kids (especially the little ones) LOVE to search for it.

At the front of the book the author has pictures of all the hens with their names. I love their names - Prudence, Buffy, Edwina, Twinkydink, Marge, Ginger, and Tillie of course. We liked the names so much we even named a chicken Edwina (because she looked like the one in the book) and another chicken Ginger (that resembled Ginger from the book).

It's a very simple book, really. But fun to read and fun for the kids. Especially in the springtime. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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