Saturday, April 7, 2012

Favorite Children's Book: The Little Brute Family

The book that I want to share with you today is The Little Brute Family by Russell Hoban.
This is a story about a family of brutes, who really were just that - brutes! They were mean, ugly, impolite, and ate yucky food. They snarled and grimaced at each other, they howled and fought at each other, and did everything you would imagine brutes to do. They never laughed or smiled or did anything enjoyable. Ever.

...Until one day baby brute found a little wandering lost good feeling in a field of daisies, which he caught and put in his pocket. It made him feel good. It made him laugh. This story tells about how that little lost good feeling made some changes to this family of brutes. It mad such a difference, in fact, that they even had to change their name.

I love this little story. I love the lesson it teaches about how one person in a family can really make a difference for the good or the bad. It shows children how kindness and love can transform a family into a healthy, happy family. These are the kind of books that we need more of around - books that teach values and principles to our children. 

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