Saturday, April 21, 2012

Favorite Children's Books: Mr. McGee and his Little Dog Dee

There are some books that I wonder how I ever lived without as a child and the Mr. Magee books by Chris Van Dusen are a great example of this.

If you or your children haven't read these books before, you are in for a huge treat! These books are delightful, amazingly illustrated, and funny. They are some of those books that you check out at the library dozens of times and then realize, why don't I just buy them?

Chris Van Dusen has a knack for captivating his readers with humor and drawing them in through wonderful illustrations that make you want to keep turning the pages for more. His stories are admittedly a bit ludicrous, but kids love it, and so do I. Another of my favorite things about these books is the rhyme. Chris Van Dusen is another genius rhymer. The words almost just say themselves as you are reading these books aloud, which is my favorite way to read them.

Mr. Magee and his little dog Dee start out their day just going to do something fun as two pals, but end up going on all kinds of hairy adventures in these books. On their camping spree they encounter a bear when after accidentally leaving their marshmallow bag out. On their sea adventure they somehow end up at the top of a very tall tree on this remote island in the middle of nowhere! And their skiing adventure leaves them upside down attached to their skiis over a huge chasm. But they always manage to get the help they need and make it home safely to their quiet little house once again.

If you're looking for a perfect book for a gift, these will be a sure hit! I know your family will enjoy them over and over again! Happy Reading!

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