Saturday, June 9, 2012

Favorite Children's Book: I Wonder Why The Wind Blows

I haven't highlighted any non-fiction books up to this point in my book spotlights until now. But there are some great ones! And I think it's important to include non-fiction books in our children's book repertoire. I love the "I Wonder Why" Series. This particular book (why the wind blows) is by Anita Goneri, but others in the series are written by other authors.

The books are bright and colorful and address real questions that most children have or are interested in about the world around them. Questions like, "What is thunder?", "How high is the sky?", and "Which is the coldest place in the world?". These books are perfect for younger children because there's not a whole lot of detail in answering the questions - maybe one or two sentences, yet they satisfy their curiosity. And older kids love the fact that they can read them by themselves and tell you all these facts that they think you don't know (and often they are right!). If you're looking for some good non-fiction children's books to check out at your library or add to your collection, the "I Wonder Why" books are a great option!

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