Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Refreshing Pineapple-Basil-ade

Are you loving summer? Keeping cool enough? Brandon has been going crazing with making green, refreshing drinks this summer. He's experimented with tons of different combinations that are so good! Unfortunately, he's known for not following a recipe and not writing down his recipes, so most of the time I can't replicate them...but...yesterday I followed him around while he made this one. I wrote down the ingredients so I could share it for you to enjoy too! YUM! It is definitely a winner. I'm calling it Pineapple-Basil-ade! Enjoy!

Printable Recipe

*Serves 3-4

2 Cups Water
1/8 Cup fresh basil (must be fresh!)
1-1/2 tsp. fresh ginger root, chopped
1 20-oz. can of undrained pineapple (any style) *see note
1/4 - 1/2 Cup white sugar, to taste (or use alternative sweetener)
2 Cups ice

*Note: If you want to give yourself an even better treat, use 1/2 of a fresh pineapple, peeled and roughly chopped, plus the pineapple core.  

In a large, high-powered blender, combine the water, basil, fresh ginger root and pineapple and blend well. Add the white sugar (or alternative sweetener) to taste and puree well. Add the ice and blend for a couple of minutes until smooth and frothy. Serve immediately and enjoy immensely!

If you add a handful of spinach or chard in the blender first and blend it up with the first ingredients, it adds nutrition, doesn't compromise flavor, makes it a little greener, and it's REALLY good!

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