Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wet, Wet Wednesday: Floating Ice Boats

How's your summer going? Our summer plan is working great and the kids really look forward to the daily activities for each day of the week. I think one their favorite is Wet, Wet Wednesday! Last week we found this idea to float ice boats. After we made them, we took them to a nearby lake to float. It was so much fun. Here's how you make them:
How to Make Ice Boats
Printable Tutorial

Drinking Straws
Empty sour cream, yogurt, whipped cream, or any other plastic containers you have around the house.
Construction paper
Hole Punch

Fold the bottom of the drinking straw about 1/2" and tape to the bottom of an empty plastic container. Cut the straw to the desired length. Cut the construction paper into a sail shape for your boat and punch holes in the top and bottom of the sail. Slide the holes through the straw. Fill the container with water and freeze the boat until water has turned to ice (about 12-24 hours).

When ice is hard, remove from the container just before placing in the water. Enjoy watching the boats float on the water until they melt away... 

Why not dig a few mud holes afterward just for fun?

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