Friday, January 11, 2013

Be your Best Self! Part II: Eating Healthy

Well we're well over a week into the new year - have you successfully broken your New Year's resolutions yet? Just kidding...

Well actually...I'll be honest and say that I haven't done as well as I had hoped. After my exercise post last week, sickness crept in on us and my husband was out of town and my running partner injured her back (no joke!)... well let's just say the whole exercise thing didn't pan out exactly how I had hoped....but I still have high hopes for the New Year! I haven't given up yet...And I hope you're still keeping your eyes on the bright horizon as well.

So ready or not, here's tip #2 to becoming your best self: eating healthy. Did you guess it? Yeah, it's pretty much a favorite topic around these parts. And luckily I've got lots of ideas in case you need a few in this department...

  1. Don't miss meals! Don't do it. It's not healthy. Breakfast is obviously a choice candidate because it's easy to just forget in the rush of the morning. But don't miss breakfast. It starts you off on a bad foot for the rest of the day.
  2. Plan ahead. If you don't plan, healthy won't happen. Plain and simple.
  3. Start out small when trying to change your diet and especially your family's diet. Don't go overboard or chances are you'll right back where you started or worse in a short period of time..
  4. Sneak nutrition is your friend. Sneak wholesome good foods into meals that you and your family already like to eat. Close your eyes if you have to, but do it. You'll be amazed how healthy food can taste great.
  5. Add variety to your meals. Try new foods and new recipes. Having a large repertoire of healthy meals filled with a variety of ingredients gives you the balance you need in your family's diet.
  6. Put the time and effort into making healthy food taste good. It will pay off in the long run because your family will actually eat it. 
  7. Have a sit down dinner time with your family. Turn off distractions and enjoy one another's company. It's healthy for the soul and will help you eat better as well. Slow down, visit with one another and just take some time to be together.
  8. Don't buy unhealthy food. Duh! If you have it in the house, it will get eaten and you're the #1 culprit!
  9. Make sure to have lots of healthy snacks on hand when you get the munchies...because we all know that we do get the munchies!
  10. As a rule, don't go on strict, obscene diets and feel guilty for everything you eat. I say "as a rule" because I understand that there are some situations where you might decide to go on a specific diet for a short period of time. But I know women who are constantly beating themselves up for everything they eat and man, that stinks. What a rotten life. Focus less on weight and more on health and learn to be happy with your best self and move forward working to improve that person!
Bonus: Contrary to ideas some may have, eating healthy does not have to cost more. Look for a future frugal Friday post on that topic sometime...

Well there you have it, ten ideas plus a bonus and now I'd love to hear some of yours. What are you working on to improve your eating habits? Success stories, anyone?

I mentioned on my facebook page that this year for my healthy eating goal, I'm trying to eliminate some of my sugar addiction. I have set a goal to not eat sugary treats except on Sundays. I've successfully made it 6 out of the 8 goal-days without sugar so it's going pretty well so far. Yes, I did miss a few...Yesterday I missed because of a birthday tea party that we threw for my sister and that lemon curd that my Mom made looked just amazing...had to try it ...oh and the cute little heart shaped brownie I ate. And then I wanted to eat the whole pan...But I didn't! Aren't you proud of me? :) So today I'm back on track. It's always harder to curb the addiction when you miss cause then the cravings are for me it's almost easier to eliminate sugar completely than to just say I can only have one treat...yeah right, he he. :)

How about you? How are your goals going? If you didn't see my first post in this series, check it out here: Be your Best Self! Part I: Exercise. Happy Frugal Friday everyone! Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Georgia Stromer said...

What is the recipe for the dish in the picture? It looks yummy! Thanks for the healthy eating tips! And, congratulations on the sugar avoidance!

Heather {Healthy Family Cookin} said...

Thanks Georgia. That's actually a recipe that's still in the works so I haven't posted it yet, but I will. It's Roasted Garden Vegetables with sausage and it's really really good!

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