Friday, June 28, 2013

Frugal Friday: Kitchen Tip for Measuring Honey

As you know I've been avoiding sugar 6 days a week for almost 6 months now. I've been using local raw honey or Xagave as sweeteners. Before I discovered this trick, sticky sweeteners were a pain to measure. They stuck to the measuring cup and there was a lot of waste. As you know, Frugal Friday is all about saving money. And wasted honey is wasted money (do ya like my rhyme?). Well today I'm going to show you a really simple little trick that I've discovered to measure honey. This also will work for other sticky substances like molasses, Xagave, and even peanut butter.

Kitchen Tip: Measuring Honey

Step 1: Take your measuring cup and spray or brush sides and bottom with a light coat with oil. It doesn't matter what kind of oil (just make sure it's edible...haha). If you are already using oil in a recipe, just use the same measuring cup that you measured the oil in. Then this step is already done for you.

Step 2: Pour honey or other sticky substance into the measuring cup.

Step 3: Then pour the honey into the container you are measuring it into.

Honey should slip right out of the measuring cup, leaving no leftover sticky mess to try to get out.
My husband calls this stuff liquid gold. You don't want to waste even a drop!
Works like a charm! Happy Frugal Friday everyone! Enjoy saving money by not wasting honey. Have a great weekend.

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