Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BBQ Chicken Pizza

For us, pizza night is always a special occasion. It's a weekly family tradition and we try to make it exciting with new and delicious pizza creations. This one was definitely a favorite, and a slight variation from the traditional-pizza-type recipe, which is great if you make pizza every week like us. When I make it, I actually only make one pizza instead of two like the recipe suggests. I cook all the chicken in the pressure cooker, season it, and then freeze half of it for another time. It works great and makes for a nice even quicker meal the second time. Pizza is one meal every week that I know my kids won't complain about. It's nice to have that consistency every week and the kids look forward to it. We usually pair it with a little family movie party and it's a lot of fun. Happy Pizza Making!

BBQ Chicken Pizza
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*Makes 2 large pizzas

2 Frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts
1/2 Cup water
2 Cups BBQ Sauce (I like to use homemade or Sweet Baby Rays in a pinch), divided
1 Recipe Pizza Crust
Olive oil or whole wheat flour
3-4 Cups Mozzarella Cheese blend (or cheese of your choice)
1 small red or yellow onion, sliced thin
Salt, to taste

Place pizza stone*(See Note below) on lower middle rack in the oven and preheat to 475 F. Place frozen chicken breasts, water, and 1 Cup BBQ sauce in pressure cooker and cook on high pressure for 21 minutes (reduce the cooking time for fresh chicken breasts to about 16-18 minutes). While chicken is cooking, sprinkle counter with olive oil or whole wheat flour. The oil will make for a little moister crust, but I also like pizza with the flour coating. Try both and see what you prefer. Coat rolling pin in the oil or flour on the counter. Cut the dough in half and roll out each half into a large circle (10 - 12” diameter) and place on a sheet of parchment paper. Let raise for 5-10 min. When dough has raised, spread each with a generous amount of BBQ sauce and cheese as desired. When chicken has finished cooking, let the pressure release naturally and then chop the chicken breasts. In a medium bowl, add the chopped chicken and a mix with a few tablespoons of juice from the pressure cooker and season generously with salt to taste. Top the pizzas with seasoned chicken breasts and sliced onions. Bake on preheated 475 F pizza stone, for 6-10 min or until crispy and cheese is bubbly.

Note: If you do not have a pizza stone, I've had success making yummy pizza using this method.

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