Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Successful Bread Making

I want to share my latest bread-making success story. I posted my bread recipe earlier and some tips and tools I use:
I made that whole-wheat bread yesterday and it turned out absolutely perfect. I took time to get just the right amount of flour in (not too much, not too little) and that makes all the difference. Here's some pictures:

Dough just after I put it in the pans. The clock says 5:28 (I didn't do that on purpose, but it worked out nicely that it was in the picture):
Dough after raising exactly 30 minutes (I didn't do that on purpose either): Dough after cooking exactly 30 min (that was on purpose):Sliced bread (noticed how few crumbs are on the cutting board - this bread stuck together just right!):Finally, here is a movie that demonstrates the texture of this bread. Bosch mixers are awesome! It makes all the difference in the world!


Kelly said...

I had to take a second look, for a moment I thought that was my stove on baking day! I have that exact same stove, surrounded by similar countertop and aside from the glass pans (I use metal)it is frequently covered with bread. LOL

Heather said...

What a coincidence! :) That's really funny!

Lucy Stern said...

I have a Bosch and I love it.

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