Monday, January 12, 2009

Goals 2009 - Healthy Breakfasts

Here's the update on the Breakfasts:

We started about a week ago with the two boys only eating about 2 bites of cream of wheat sweetened with applesauce. They then ate their cold cereal. The next day they had a few more bites. We had some kicking and screaming with C.G. (the 4-year-old), but bribed him with as much cold cereal as he wanted after he finished his hot cereal and he ate it. There wasn't much progress on the hot cereal the next couple of days due to making whole-grain waffles and having some busy mornings.

Finally, today we made some progress! We all enjoyed quick oats cooked in milk with little brown sugar and some cut up unsweetened canned peaches! C.G. still had some chex afterward, but ate a small bowl of hot cereal and didn't complain! I'll be using the peaches again tomorrow and a larger bowl of oatmeal - I think they did the trick!


Cherylyn said...

Adding fruit works really well. When I have fresh fruit I like to add strawberries and bananas. Peaches are great too, and it's nice when you don't have fresh fruit to just open a can. Last Sunday I made oatmeal for all of my kids with one strawberry cut up in each bowl, 1/3 banana cut up in each bowl, and honey to sweeten it. They all ate it pretty well.

Heather said...

Yeah the fruit worked again this morning. YEAH! C.G. even ate a fairly large bowl with no cold cereal! I was impressed.

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