Friday, January 30, 2009

The Seven Wonders of the Cooking World

Here's my list of 7 wonders of the cooking world - kitchen tools that I would never want to do without again.

1. Bosch Mixer
2. Electric Grain Mill
3. Pressure Cooker
4. Blender
5. Microwave or Electric Rice Cooker
6. Hand Mixer
7. Pizza Stone

This was really hard to just pick seven. I tried to pick the seven tools that I use the most often, but I didn't order them exactly. I might have over-looked some more important than the ones I listed. So I'm asking you what are your 7 wonders of the cooking world?


Kendra said...

My seven wonders:
1. Kitchen Aide Mixer
2. A GOOD knife
3. Pizza cutter
4. Crock pot
5. Glass measuring cup
6. Counter space
7. A great recipe

Heather said...

I like your list. I especially agree with #2, 6 & 7!!

Thanks for sharing!

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