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Spelt - a wonderful grain!

I've had a few posts where I've mentioned spelt, so I thought I'd give you some information about it from the expert. I got this information from my uncle, Chef Brad's November 2008 Newsletter. You can see all of his newsletters and other great information about grains at:


This grain has been around since early 5000 B.C. in what is now Iran. It continued to grow and be harvested in other countries, such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and other parts of Europe. Purity Foods reintroduced it into North America in 1987. Today, Spelt is becoming more popular with bakers, manufacturers, and consumers.

Spelt is unique in more ways than one. Spelt has an incredibly strong hull, which protects the grain from pollutants and insects. This is an excellent characteristic especially when wanting to store this grain. Also, Spelt contains more 30% more protein, more fat, has a higher mineral content and more amino acids than wheat. It has considerable B vitamins, magnesium, and fiber. Added to that wonderful list, Spelt is water soluble, which makes it easier for your body to absorb the nutrients.

But what if you can’t have wheat, but would like to eat Spelt? Well, Spelt is actually considered an excellent alternative to wheat. Because this grain is unhybridized and contains low gluten it may be just what you need. But we suggest consulting your doctor about using Spelt as an alternative for wheat sensitive individuals.

As you can see, Spelt is a fabulous grain, packed full of nutrients and complex carbohydrates. Spelt can be used in almost every recipe where wheat exists: cereals, pastas, crackers, pancake mixes, cookies, and so on. With a little experimentation Spelt can become a large part of your diet.

Just the Facts
* Spelt contains more protein, fat and has more minerals than wheat.
* Spelt has large amounts of B-17 and special carbohydrates that aid in blood clotting and stimulating the immune system.
* Spelt contains a strong hull, perfect for storing.
* Spelt has a delicious “nutty” flavor.
* Spelt can be used in cookies, cereals, pastas, bread, crackers and much more

Try using spelt in your cooking and you will be amazed. The rule of thumb when using spelt is for every three cups of white flour the recipe calls for you will need three and a half cups spelt. It takes more spelt, the reason is that it grinds so fine.

Have a great time using this wonderful grain.
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