Friday, October 2, 2009

The Harvest is in!

Well, the frost came. We all knew it inevitably would, but I think I still wasn't completely prepared for it. I still had hopes that the summer would last a little longer... We spent Wednesday night gathering in the harvest and it was wonderful. Here's our final harvest pictures of the year. Don't you just love the colors? Winter squash are so beautiful.The green tomatoes are down in our basement waiting for ripening. The squash are still on our counters - I read that you are supposed to leave them at room temperature for a few weeks to "cure" before you put them in the basement for the winter. We store them in cardboard boxes and will eat them all winter long. Last year we ate our last squash in May! :) I'm looking for some good recipes for green tomatoes (the smaller ones never ripen very nicely) so if you know of any, let me know!


LeMira said...

If you like sweet pickles, then I have great recipe for them using green tomatoes. If you want the recipe just let me know (preferably on Facebook because I don't usually come back and check comments after I post them).

NoSurfGirl said...

Gorgeous. Someday we'll be able to grow that much... :)

I was thinking of making green tomato pickles but never got around to it this year. Maybe next year!!

What I did instead was layered a cardboard box with newspaper layers between layers of tomatoes, with the greenest on the bottom, etc in order of ripeness. We used almost our whole box without them going bad! Yay. Not as yummy as ripe, but just as good as what you find at the store, and for FREE.

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