Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunshine Squash - My Favorite Squash!

Sunshine Squash has got to be the best squash that I've ever tasted! It's time to order your seed's for next year's garden - be sure to order these! They are so sweet and flavorful that you don't need butter or salt. They are the perfect size - just right for 4-6 servings. The texture is perfect, smooth, melt in your mouth. Not stringy like a lot of squash. They're easy to grow - we've grown them for 3 years now with relative ease. They store well. We ate our last one last year in March or April. We still have one or two left this year and they are still firm as can be. If you don't like squash, try these - they are easy to learn to like! Make sure you read up on the health benefits so you know how good they are for you. They have lots of vitamins and fiber that are good for your heart and help fight against cancer. We order our seeds from stokes seeds, but park seed also has them. Enjoy!

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