Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Favorite Healthy Snacks

I'm a snacker. I love to snack between meals - especially after lunch. It gets to be a problem when you are trying to change your diet to cut down on sugar and chocolate and other junk food, because that's what always sounds good, right? So here's a list of some of my new favorite snacks that I've been trying to incorporate into the healthy new me (sorry that sounds a little cheesy..).

  • Nuts - almonds have been my standby - just raw ones. I love em. Soooo good and very good for you. But today I discovered a new fav - roasted cashews (no salt, just roasted). Y-U-M YUM!!! The store I bought my cashews at didn't have roasted without tons of salt so I bought them raw. If you've ever eaten a raw cashew you know that they are very BLAH! So I found out how to roast them and it's very easy. Turn your oven to 350 F. Spread nuts on cookie sheet evenly (not too deep). Bake for 5 mins and then take them out and turn them around. Bake 5 mins more and again turn them. Bake 5 mins more and then they should be done. They should be golden brown and delicious. Enjoy in a stir fry or as a healthy munchy.
  • Fresh fruit - always delicious. This time of year I love apples with peanut butter, oranges, bananas, and ripe pears. Note: they have to be ripe - not the way you buy them in the store. Buy them and then put them in a cool dry place for a week or two (depending on the variety) - check on them occasionally and turn them. They are so good when they are ripe, juicy and sweet - as good as a treat!
  • Dried Fruit - dehydrated apples, cranberries, raisins, apricots, and pineapple are my favorites.
  • Veggies - grape tomatoes, baby carrots, celery with peanut butter, snap peas, etc.
  • Cheese - there's nothing like it. Mmmh. I love thin slices or cubes of pepper jack, mozzarella, mild cheddar and colby jack.
  • Popcorn - not the store-bought microwaved kind. That's much too salty and buttery. Plus it's so expensive and not worth it. I think it's just as easy to make this kind in the microwave. And tastes SO much better (and much better for you!)
  • Crackers - Homemade crackers (again so much better for you!) I need to post some good recipes for these cause they are soooo good! And not too hard to make, if you know how to do them. I usually make them with 100% whole grains and not much salt, but they are so good.
  • Granola or Granola Bars - I need to find a good low or no sugar granola recipe so if you have one, please share. But I love granola. Update: My favorite Granola Recipe - low sugar and yummy!
  • Yogurt or Smoothies - see recipe in the previous post; sweetened with fresh or frozen fruit. Yum!


Anonymous said...

Hi heather love your blog!!!
I want to share my granola bar we like it and it doesn't, have to much sugar hope you like it:

Granola bars

2c oats. 1/2c roasted peanuts. 1/2 almonds 1/4c sunflower seeds. 1/2c wheat germ. 1/2c peanut butter. 1/2c honey 1/4c brown sugar 2tsp vanilla. 1/4tsp salt 1/4 Choco chips.

Butter a 9x9" pan preheat oven to 350f spread first 4 ong.

On a cookie sheet place in oven for 15 min. Stirring

Combine butter (2tbsp) honey sugar peanut butter salt on low heat. Cook until sugar has dissolved .mix in vanilla and remove from heat. When toasting of oats mixture is complete add wheat germ . Lower oven heat. To 300f. Immediately add the oat mixture to the cooked liquid stirring to coat evenly add Choco chips(optional) turn mixture out into 9x9" pan bake 25 min. Allow to cool completely in pan.cut and eat .
Hope tou like it.

Gaby santana.

gabby said...

If you have any questions let me know, my email is

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