Monday, February 7, 2011

Healthy Homemade Crackers

I found this cracker recipe at kitchen stewardship the other day and made them and WOW - these things are sooo good!! They are a wheat thins style cracker.

Crackers aren't the easiest things to make on the planet - they do take some time, but they are so good and it's nice to know you're not getting all the preservatives and junky fats that are not healthy for you.

A few notes about the recipe:
I rolled them out thin the first time, but not thin enough. The perfect thickness I think is as thin as you can possibly make them (I know - very specific). That way they are crispy and perfectly crunchy!

I scored my crackers rather than cutting them all the way through (see the video below for a demonstration of what I mean by scoring). It seems to work a lot better that way because then your crackers aren't floating all over the paper, falling into the bottom of the oven and starting a fire (believe me - been there, done that!). I used parchment paper for mine and cooked them on my baking stone. I found that 400 F was too hot, but 300 F was just about right. At 400 the sides burnt a little, but at 300 F they came out perfectly. You have to cook them about 15-20 minutes if you cook them at 300 F. I didn't use salt on mine - just plain and they turned out delicious! Enjoy!

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