Friday, March 23, 2012

Frugal Friday: More than 100 Frugal Spring Family Activities

Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! I'm always on the lookout for free or cheap activities to do as a family at all seasons of the year. Today I'm sharing my list of more than 100 frugal activities you can do with your family in the springtime. I hope we can all be inspired to spend more time with our families. Doing fun things together builds love and healthy, lasting relationships.
  1. Grow something - Try these educational ideas, Carrots in a 2-liter bottle, or a cute Grassapillar
  2. Have a Mexican Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo and make a homemade pinata
  3. Build a garden labryinth
  4. Splash in some puddles
  5. Go on a picnic
  6. Play Hopscotch
  7. Go star gazing - indoors or out
  8. Go on a nature scavenger hunt
  9. Have a puppet show - with cardboard marionettes
  10. Do a puzzle
  11. Read a book together
  12. Have a soap box dragster race
  13. Have a bubble gum blowing contest
  14. Play dress-ups
  15. Have a photo scavenger hunt - go on a walk and see how many things on the list you can take a picture of that have to do with spring - bird's nest, new buds, baby animals, spring flowers, etc.
  16. Have a family slumber party!
  17. Go fishing
  18. Tap Dance - Here are some cute shoes you can make out of pennies
  19. Paint a window with window paint
  20. Build a rock pile
  21. Learn some magic tricks together and put on a magic show
  22. Fly Paper Airplanes
  23. Raindrop racing: Sit at the window and each person picks a raindrop, starting at the same place and traces it down the window. The first drop to hit the bottom of the window wins!
  24. Have a jump rope competition to see who can jump the most in 2 minutes
  25. Go on a treasure hunt. Hide some buried treasure and make a treasure map
  26. Get some bars of soap and have a soap carving contest
  27. Make paper daffodils
  28. Visit a greenhouse
  29. Play Fluffy bunny with marshmallows 
  30. Decorate Easter Eggs
  31. Put on a play or puppet show - here's some free playscripts
  32. Have a bug safari and hunt for all kinds of bugs
  33. De-junk your house and gear up for a yard/garage sale
  34. Invite over some neighbors for a party
  35. Explore your city or town - find something that you never saw or knew about before
  36. Go on a hike - motivate kids with these fun games or come up with your own. Keep a pocketful of small snacks to motivate and give "turbo boosts" to lagging kids
  37. Play frisbee
  38. Start an ant farm
  39. Raining outside? Play ribbon limbo!
  40. Draw pictures of each other together
  41. Feed the ducks at a local pond
  42. Spring clean the house!
  43. Have a family parade - put on the marching music, get out the rythmn instruments (or pots and pans), dress up, and have fun!
  44. Plant a garden and teach your children the value of work and the law of the harvest! 
  45. Adopt a grandma or grandpa in the neighborhood
  46. Decorate the sidewalks with spring art
  47. Make mud pies
  48. Have a catapult contest
  49. Write letter to someone
  50. Learn how rain works with this rain in a bag activity
  51. Visit a farm nearby and see the baby animals
  52. Do some landscaping together or a home improvement project
  53. Have a TV free week or month
  54. Hunt for a four-leaf clover
  55. Make nature mosaics or 3-D art by gluing rocks, leaves, plants that you find outside together.
  56. Play Spaz
  57. Plant some fruit trees
  58. Shake some homemade rainsticks in a rain dance
  59. Make a rainy day maze with bed sheets
  60. Go on a family bike ride
  61. Make a butterfly habitat
  62. Make Homemade Bird Feeders
  63. Have an upside down evening
  64. Go on a staycation
  65. Wash your windows
  66. Visit a local monument or historical site
  67. Play a homemade version of twister
  68. Volunteer in your community - plant some flowers, visit people in a rest home or hospital, etc.
  69. Play catch
  70. Climb trees
  71. Have a marshmallow war!
  72. Tape some paper to the wall and draw an art mural
  73. Have a game night where everyone picks their favorite game to play
  74. Go outside and play nature memory
  75. Give away some random acts of kindness - need ideas? Here's several to keep you going for a while!
  76. Have a bike wash
  77. Fly a kite - make your own or buy one
  78. Find some animal prints to identify and track
  79. Play freeze tag
  80. Have a paper airplane contest
  81. Play Frisbee or another outdoor sport
  82. Make a recycled twig birdhouse
  83. Make boats & float them in some water
  84. Have an Egg Wrestling Match or here's another Easter egg game idea
  85. Plant an indoor sponge garden
  86. Go to a local free museum
  87. Go on a nature walk and notice all the signs of spring 
  88. Play Reverse Charades
  89. Play in the mud
  90. Get out your magnifying glasses and explore your back yard - see who can find the most interesting thing
  91. Make a parachute out of an old bed sheet and bounce balls or balloons
  92. Wash the car
  93. Make a meal together from another culture
  94. Play Swing the Statue
  95. Go bird watching. Or how about butterflies or squirrels? 
  96. Build a backyard obstacle course out of chairs, hula hoops, jump ropes, or garden hoses
  97. Build a tower out of cards as high as you can
  98. Hunt for the other end of the rainbow
  99. Go to the park & play 
  100. Host an egg olympics
If that's not enough ideas for you, here's a free e-book with activities and crafts for the spring. Or see my post on More than 100 Frugal Winter Family Activities, which includes many activities that would work for spring also.

What about you? Do you have any ideas to share? We'd love to hear from you. Then go out and have some fun!

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Anna @ Feminine Adventures said...

LOVE this list! I'd just been thinking about how I need to max out all the fun free things there are to do with y kiddos (I kept hearing about all these fun expensive activities, but there's so much to do that doesn't cost a dime!) Thanks for this great list.

I love numbers 15, 36, 87, 89.... actually, most all of them sound super fun!

Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday!

Ashlyn @ Consider the Lilies said...

So many great inexpensive ideas! Thanks for sharing and linking up! :)

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

I love the list! I pinned it, and I'll be including it in my next Saturday Reading post. Can't wait to share the list with the kids.

Jenn said...

Awesome ideas--this is such a good list! I am so excited to get out into the fresh air and do some fun activities with the kiddos! Thanks for linking up at Thrifty Thursday too :)

Marnie said...

wow! There are some amazing ideas here! Thanks for inspiring me!!

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