Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Meet Whole Foods: Wonder Flour!

As part of a new goal for 2012 that I have to try new whole foods and help my kids try new whole foods, I'm going to publish a series called "Monday: Meet Whole Foods!" We'll introduce you and your family to new healthy foods that you can start using in your cooking. I will also list recipes for those types of foods so you can try them. Feel free to comment with your own recipes, if you have them!

So today's WHOLE FOOD is: Wonder Flour!

What's Wonder Flour? 
Wonder Flour was discovered by my Uncle Chef Brad. He is an amazing chef who cooks delicious foods using different types of grains. Wonder Flour is made up of equal parts of the following three grains, ground into flour:

Brown Rice
How do I make it?
Just combine equal parts of the three grains in a large bowl, mix them together then grind the combination through your grain mill. It works great!

How do I use it?
I love using this flour in desserts and light breakfast foods. It makes the foods become healthier, but not only that I think they taste better too! To adjust a recipe with wonder flour made at home, use about 1/2 cup of more flour for every 3 cups flour that the recipe calls for. 

How healthy is it?
I used a nutrition calculator to compare 1 Cup of Wonder Flour with 1 Cup of White Flour.  You can see that wonder flour has fewer calories per serving, more potassium, fewer carbohydrates, a LOT more dietary fiber (really good for you!). Of course white flour is enriched so it has some good things in there for you, but you really are missing all the fiber!

Need a Recipe?
Check out some of my recipes to come this week! I hope you enjoy this "wonder"ful new food!


Michele said...

Where do you buy these grains in bulk to grind your own?

Heather {Healthy Family Cookin} said...

Hi Michele,

Health food stores will have them usually and you can usually get a discount price if you buy them in bulk (25-50 lb bags). Be sure to ask about it though. If you have a Winco Foods near you, that's where I like to go because prices are usually a little better. They do a bulk discount there as well so be sure to ask. If you don't live close to any stores that carry them, you can order them online. I've ordered from They have a great selection. Let me know if you have any other questions.

April said...

Have you ever tried his gluten free wonder flour blend in these?

Heather {Healthy Family Cookin} said...

April, I haven't tried the gluten free wonder flour but I know my Dad is celiac and I believe he has...let me know what you think...

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