Friday, September 28, 2012

Frugal Friday: More than 100 Frugal Fall Family Activities

Fall is a busy time of year! School starting, sports, harvest time, etc. It's easy to lose track of important family time or get too distracted to make it happen. Here's some ideas to help your family spend meaningful time together without spending a lot of money. Hopefully these will get your brain wheels turning so that you can make some fun memories this fall with your family.

  1. Go apple picking - find someone who has apple trees that they don't pick and go pick them together
  2. Rake leaves into a pile and jump in
  3. Try Leaf Rubbings - Go collect leaves and layer them between two pieces of paper. Rub crayons on the top and see the leaf pattern emerge!
  4. Drive to see autumn colors or go for hike
  5. Have a harvest party - eat foods that you've harvested from your own garden
  6. Make homemade fresh Salsa and have a fiesta
  7. Carve pumpkins
  8. Play Pop Goes the pumpkin!
  9. Make veggie characters - carve them or decorate veggies from your garden.
  10. Play with Giant Bubbles
  11. Make Mr. or Mrs. Potato head characters
  12. Doorbell ditch some zucchini or other vegetable on a friend's doorstep.
  13. Make Corn husk dolls
  14. Make tamales!
  15. Go bobbing for apples
  16. Make Caramel apples
  17. Do some artwork together - here's a cute idea: Potato Pumpkin Printing
  18. Go forage for fruit
  19. Paint Pumpkins
  20. Go on a hayride
  21. Make a scarecrow - use Daddy's old pants, an old shirt and stuff them with straw. Add a pumpkin for a head and there you go!
  22. Play Pin the face on the Jack-O-lantern
  23. Make your very own spider web out of string
  24. Make Monster Pumpkins
  25. Get someone to take your family pictures in the fall colors
  26. Churn your own butter!
  27. Go on a spider hunt in your house and remove all the spider webs (after Halloween of course!)
  28. Read a story about an ancestor in your family
  29. Plant some bulbs for the spring
  30. Go to a farmer's market
  31. Go on a family leaf walk - put on your boots and go stomp on leaves - swish your feet, enjoy the feeling of just being together
  32. Have a "Spooknik" (i.e. a Halloween party) - Eat homemade Donuts, Dress up in your costumes for a family picture, play Halloween games, listen to spooky music and just have fun. This was our Halloween tradition growing up and we always loved it
  33. Roast Pumpkin Seeds!
  34. Play with play dough
  35. Go for a Moon Walk - Check your calendars for the date of a harvest moon!
  36. Clean out your closets and give your unused clothes to a local charity
  37. Make Thankful Rolls
  38. Have a family sleepover in your family room!
  39. Invite someone to spend Thanksgiving with your family this year
  40. Have a mummy contest and wrap up someone in toilet paper
  41. Play "Don't eat Jack"
  42. Go on a fall scavenger hunt
  43. Make an acorn collage
  44. Write letters to a far-away family member or friend
  45. Have a leaf dance - turn on the music and dance and twirl in the freshly fallen leaves
  46. Cuddle up with some hot chocolate or hot cider and watch a family movie
  47. Play "hide and go seek" at dusk
  48. Instead of "Trick or Treat" try "Treat or Trick" this year. Make a treat to deliver to someone on Halloween
  49. Make Applesauce
  50. Have a silly dance contest
  51. Eat dinner with crazy utensils! Instead of regular utensils, set the table with egg beaters, spatulas, giant spoons, etc. Enjoy the laughs as everyone tries to eat.
  52. Learn about the pilgrims and Indians and have a pilgrim dinner
  53. Host a Halloween carnival with games and prizes
  54. Make nature creatures - I love these!
  55. Surprise a neighbor and rake their leaves
  56. Take a family bike ride and enjoy the fall colors
  57. Have a candlelight dinner
  58. Finish a house project together
  59. Make some Christmas gifts
  60. Have a family talent show
  61. Have a family game night and play board games
  62. Get some sidewalk chalk, draw a +, and play four square
  63. Have each family member find something around the house that makes music (pots, shakers, toys, etc) and have a band
  64. Play Catch
  65. Have a backyard barbecue and invite friends and neighbors
  66. Enjoy the last few days of nice weather with a family picnic
  67. Have a Halloween Costume Party
  68. Go bird watching
  69. Have a bug catching contest - set the timer and see who can catch the most. 
  70. Have a leaf raking contest - see how many leaves each person can rake in 10 minutes. The winner gets a prize!
  71. Make Hobo soup - everyone pick out a can of something from the pantry to add to the pot. Dress up like hobos. Eat on the ground. Eat out of the cans. Make a pretend fire. Tell campfire stories.
  72. Wash the cars - and have one more water fight before it gets too cold
  73. Go to a thrift store and see who can come up with the best Halloween costume
  74. Make a big pot of witches brew out of water, pinecones, weeds, or anything else you can find in the backyard and pretend you're a witch family. Ride on brooms to get all your materials. 
  75. Have a cultural dinner - try foods from another land. 
  76. Make a nature garland with things you've collected to display in your home. 
  77. Have a Turkey Trot - race around a field or track. 
  78. Volunteer as a family - help those in need. 
  79. Spend a night remembering the "Good old days" - look through old photo albums, tell stories, listen to music, laugh and enjoy. 
  80. Read some poetry or sing some silly songs together 
  81. Have a pajama party and start a pillow fight 
  82. Create a silly video or skit together
  83. Have a wrestling match
  84. Have a neighborhood Trunk or Treat - Decorate cars in a parking lot, all the kids go around dressed in costumes to "Trunk or Treat". Here's a cute way to decorate your car.
  85. Go on a Thanksgiving Day Scavenger Hunt to walk off all that turkey!
  86. Read a chapter book together
  87. Make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
  88. Play Broom Hockey with old brooms (bristles wrapped in duck tape) for sticks and a soft ball for a puck. Mark some goals in your yard and you're ready to go!
  89. Go on a compass exploration (the old fashioned way). Before leaving, pick a destination on a map. Have the family use a compass and the map to direct the driver to the location by pointing to the correct direction and telling the driver to head north, east, south, or west. Besides being fun, this activity will help the whole family learn how to use a map and a compass and become familiar with directions.
  90. Go for a drive in the countryside and see how many types of farm animals you can find.
  91. Have a finger food meal - no silverware, only fingers allowed!
  92. Make some fun fall decorations for your home
  93. Thread candy corn on a string to make a necklace
  94. Organize a chili cook-off with your neighbors!
  95. Play Frisbee
  96. Harvest your garden
  97. Skip rocks at a nearby pond
  98. Bake some bread
  99. Put together a puzzle
  100. Create a piece of artwork together - Have one person draw a few lines or curves on a piece of paper and pass it to the next. Continue to each family member until the picture evolves into its final masterpiece!


MomLaur said...

What a great list of ideas!

Barbara Bakes said...

What a fun list. I've added making caramel apples to my list of fun things to do soon.

Crystal said...

What a great list! I'm featuring you today at 10:30 on my Facebook page :)


Jess Holmes said...

Great list! One of my favorite things to do in the fall now that the kids are a little older is to check out haunted houses and hayrides. We've been to some of the best Haunted Houses in the PA area in our quest for spooky fun!

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