Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I haven't told you yet about the funny thing that happened this Christmas. I'll preface my story by letting you know that I'm kind of a vanilla snob. I didn't use to be. The plain old imitation vanilla extract used to be just fine for me. But once you taste the difference with the real stuff...it's hard to go back. That being said, I had a disaster in about November when I ran out of all my real vanilla extract. I like to get it in the big bottles at sam's club, but since I don't have a sam's membership I usually rely on those who do to pick some up for me. Well they were out of it for a while and to make a long story short I was vanilla-less for about a month. Every time I went into the grocery store I had "vanilla" on my list. I'd pass by the baking aisle several times, cringing at the price of a tiny bottle of the real stuff. And then cringing at the idea of purchasing yucky imitation...anyway, so you get the picture. This went on for a little while and I just kind of made do with vanilla powder (I did have some of that left). 

So finally I broke down and bought the cheap-o stuff! Yes I did, can you believe it? Looking back I realize that I must of been quite a complainer about this...Fast forward a few weeks...Christmas comes and guess what I got? Vanilla! And not just from one person.
  • I got 2 different kinds of mexican vanilla (which I love!) from my husband.
  • My husband and I each got a BIG bottle of pure vanilla extract from my mother-in-law!
  • And we got a different bottle of mexican vanilla from a neighbor lady, who happened to remember that we liked it from some random conversation that we had once. 
Isn't that funny? So I now have 6 different kinds of vanilla in my house (including yucky imitation). That should last me until next Christmas at least! :) Except maybe the yucky imitation...I'm sure I'll still have some of that....I would just throw it out, but I hesitate to now since I had such a vanilla famine!

Get Ready Baking, Here I COME!

Here's a few recipes that I LOVE to put vanilla in:
  • Green smoothies - I usually use the powder or pure vanilla for this one
  • Waffles (it makes them smell sooooo good) - I usually use pure or mexican vanilla
  • Cookies - Mexican vanilla...mmmh!

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